#People help the People 

I don’t particularly turn on the evening 5 o’clock news unless the weather outside looks a bit threatening or a local car crash has happened. It isn’t because I don’t want to know what’s happening in the world , but I feel clouded and mis-informed. When I turn on the news to look at the weather , I find reports of police officers shooting innocent people , and innocent people attacking the police. And once I’ve been informed of this I get texts from friends, and Facebook posts and YouTube public announcements. People use these subjects for small talk just to start up a conversation with me.

The problem with that is, it really isn’t “small talk” it’s big talk. It’s huge, to the point that we’re all making the same point using the wrong words. The police don’t want to shoot people, because they’re afraid of what they might do. The people don’t want to fear the police who they trust to keep them safe. 

I watch from all different sides. People speaking about the dangers of guns and the dangers of being without a gun. 

The political views and opinions upon it. 

The racial standpoints.

The elderly speak of the new generations not being taught well enough to know better.

The middle aged speak of political stupidity and racial discrimination.

And the teenagers, the future of this community, they joke about the political standpoints and current problems. They, they have no plan  and none should expect them to. 

So I’d start a new hashtag to celebrate a more radical appeal and change our means of living with an uprising of some sort…

But in reality we’re all just people who are afraid of things. 

People afraid of poverty steal

People afraid of other people carry guns 

People afraid of pain get high 

And people afraid of love get drunk 

We’re all just people who need help from other people.

That’s how the world is supposed to work

So whatever I guess I will start a new hashtag 




Because no matter your opinion, race, ethnicity, country, religion, and sins, we are here for you. Everyone is, just ask. 

“There’s no other way to fix the worlds problems than to fix them together” ~truths from people I barely know

First one of these real posts. I may write again if my opinions even matter.

So long 

~The Lonely Bystander

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